Is this worth it?

by jbyron

The point of this blog is to have a place to put my commercial work as well as show my creative process (well, those things and just a place to put my daily musings). I figured i would show some of the logos i’ve done lately and the process it took to complete them. Same thing with some of my latest paintings. But then i started trying to compile this stuff and… why did i think i would have the time? I barely have time to do the work i have now – and i added to it for no monetary gain at all?!! Something is wrong with me.

Anyoo – that rant was not a white flag – just an observation – i’ll be posting a logo i did for Yale later in the week and another that i’m submitting to our local cultural district. Then there’s a couple paintings and another logo. So busy… why am i still driving a car thats 12 years old. Oh yea, i have a son. Kids are expensive y’all. For real.

To be continued.