Bold Native

by jbyron

New commercial job i wanted to share. My second movie poster (hopefully of many more). I dig doing work in this field, i see my work in sort of a narrative way already; going from moving image to stills and back is something my brain seems to process well. In semi-related news, i’ve been writing, story-boarding and editing commercials for years in my advertising life so i understand the process… although i’m not sure that understanding helps at all in doing poster design so… scratch that thought entirely. Moving on:

So the film is about animal liberators. They sent me a screener, it’s dope. I believe it will be self distributed so look for it. The company behind it is called Open Road Films. I’m doing their logo so look for that eventually too.

I ended up doing several versions but i just wanted to post my favorite 3 here. The film shows actual, documentary footage throughout the fictional narrative, usually this footage is shown on monitors within the scene – so i tried to use that concept (monitors) within the visuals i created. I also like the idea of these guys going out at night, ninja-style, rescuing these critters – so this first one worked well for me – the foreground figure and the background being the same color only separated by green in the screens had a good feel for me.

I’m going to try to use the term “ninja-style” in absolutely every one of my pieces from here on out. Until i die. Dead. Here’s another:

And lastly, i wanted to do something that had less of a literal translation – more symbolic – i work well when i have the opportunity to tap into the meaning of something rather than just trying to translate a visual. The movie has a softer side, but i thought to get people’s attention it would be more effective to delve into the terrorist side of the animal liberator perception – and this is dealt with in the movie as well.

Denis, the writer/director/producer of the film was open to any style i wanted to try but i think i got the gig because of my stencil work. There’s a guerilla vibe to street-stencils that suits the movie well. So with that in mind, and the whole terrorist thing, this molotov-pig image popped into my head one day. It’s just unsettling enough to be wildly successful. That’s the criteria for success for all you youngsters out there – unsettle people, you’ll thank me later.

So there you have it. You can find more on the film here –   – Denis, Casey, it’s been a pleasure working with you – and to still be working with you – i do eat meat on occasion, i hope that’s okay. Thanks for the opportunity. Lets do more stuff.