by jbyron

New illustration. Not a huge anime fan or anything – i dig the classics of course – I remember ordering Akira from some Asian mail-order magazine when i was in high school (pre internet).  Anyhoo, I recently saw a photo of a very contemporary home – minimalist, lots of white, the usual – but they had this huge, bright, anime style painting above their couch amongst all this sensory depravation aesthetic. Point is – i dug it and thought that i might try my hand at something like that. It was my first attempt at that style and i found it to be a lot harder than i anticipated. I’m going a bit out of order, showing the final image first:


The photoshop work was a bit time consuming, particularly the hair. My plan is to have in printed fairly big (32 X 48 inches) on canvas, then spraypaint the sword using a stencil and chrome spray paint; and the final step will be putting some circular varnishes on it to complement the circular shapes of the image.

Here’s everything i did before bringing it into photoshop – not much as you can see.

And if you’re wondering, the SB is the Shaw Brothers logo, they make beautiful kung fu movies and the words say “kiss my converse” which is from The Last Dragon (a personal favorite – RIP Sho Nuff).

Here she is, sans background.

And here it is with the background. I was happy with the image at this point but i didn’t want it to look like it could be an animation cell so i added the flourishments seen in the first pic. Once i have it printed and add the spraypaint and varnish, i’ll post it again. Thanks for looking.

Anyone interested in ordering a signed, giclee print of this image on canvas, contact me – prices available upon request.