The Company of Wolves

by jbyron

I read this thing the other day about blogs, the main thing to ensure success is to make sure they are updated regularly – like once a day at least – if that’s true, and it stands to reason that it is, i must have the worst blog EVER! So to those 9 people that visit my blog this month: my apologies, but look, a new post!

So here’s my latest painting. A simple 3 color stencil (the third color is the halo). I splashed a lot of color in the background too but that wood just soaked it up so it’s hard to see most of that.

It’s about 3 feet long. My dad put the wood together – go dad! I’m sure most will view this and wonder what meaning was intended – but the eye of the beholder perspective is far more interesting, so let’s go with that for now. It’s on display at UPSTAIRS in Monroe, LA – price available upon request, email me here – . Here’s a (slightly fuzzy) detail shot: