by jbyron

2 posts in just over 2 weeks, i’m on fire!

new painting. 24 X 36 inches. Seems like there’s a political message, alas i don’t even remotely keep up with politics so your guess is as good as mine. In fact, let’s not question things, just enjoy the subtle nuance of the hoodie in today’s fashionable climate.

I don’t have a name for this particular piece yet. I’ve been calling her “hood girl,” but that’s not exactly clever. Maybe “hoodlum” or something with a more patriotic bent. Titles mean nothing to some artists and probably to most art lovers, but a good title can push a mediocre piece into a higher plateau. Maybe that’s just me.

She’s done on canvas. The sides are red, which i’m a bit iffy about; but its done now. The dollar signs are gold. The background is made up of every red paint i own, from aerosols to acrylics to glass paint – i just mixed them around to see what worked. The glass paint and the spray paint were less than friendly, which made for some interesting results.

This piece will be on display at UPSTAIRS at the next gallery crawl in August or you can see it in person before then if you contact me. Price available on request. Until next time, kids. gutterpark@comcast.net