by jbyron

Same story – new painting, old design. I do that a lot. I might be out of new ideas, i don’t know. But i have a huge catalog of illustrations that i’ve done over the years – 90% were done in the computer – but the ones i like, i always envision them having a longer life as a painting. Plus, i really like it when i combine my illustrational style with my painting (if you want to call it that) style.

So this piece is called CRUSH – big fan of the double entendre.  Check it.

if i remember right, i originally did this for a threadless submission.

I gotta find some sort of protective, fixative that won’t affect the color because this badboy has a bunch of pearl-x powder in the background. That stuff looks awesome but gets everywhere. You can’t touch this painting without having sparkly fingertips after. Not always a bad thing, of course – sparkly fingertips.

This piece is 24 X 36 inches. It will be on display at UPSTAIRS in monroe, la at the upcoming art crawl on august 5th. And as always, if anyone’s interested – email me for price.