My Head is Swimming

by jbyron

Sorry for the delay in posts – no idea who i’m apologizing to. Moving on…

New painting. It’s a small one, only 12 X 12 inches, acrylic and spraypaint on canvas. Been working with that thick resin for a while now – since the concept of this image involves water, i really like the wet look the resin gives it. Plus, an unexpected benefit was that it made my black appear much darker which helped separate it from the blue a bit.

Props to the wife for coming up with the title.

I work messy. Did i just make “messy” a verb? Anyway, normally that’s a good thing; happy accidents and whatnot – but i gotta say, that paint splatter on the end of the nose bothers me. I’m sure i’ll come to terms with it. No need to put me on safety watch or anything.

This is an actual photo of  the piece hanging on the wall at UPSTAIRS in monroe, la. Due to it’s small size, i gave it a very reasonable price. Contact me for details – or come out to the gallery crawl tonight, Aug 5th.