Walk Like A Giant…

by jbyron

“Walk like a giant, social defiant.” Those are lyrics from Mr. Tea, as in Ice, not to be confused with Mr. T, as in fool-pitier. I had to come up with a title for this piece on the quick tip because it was going in a show – but I wasn’t even close to finishing it when I was asked to provide a title. Still not sure I’m finished with it – but if you follow this blog, you know I rarely ever know when I’m done. I named it that because the figure is flashing a westside! sign – a gang sign perhaps – i don’t know, I’m very suburban…That lyric is from Colors, which is about gangs… you know what, just never mind.

So like my last post, this painting was done on a canvas found in a dumpster – a canvas that’s not in the best shape so I’m giving this a good price considering it’s pretty large. And again, like the last one – this is me in new territory – just playing – no map or plan of any sort. It’s easier for me to work like this when I know i’m not wasting a canvas and therefore not wasting money (starving artist, yo) – these canvases were free so if the end-result sucks, no biggie. But I think they both came out okay. Anyway, without further adieu…

Here’s a detail shot… there was a time when this looked completely different but once I had the figure’s face and hair done – i liked it more than anything else, so i painted over 60% of it and started over.

Magical right? Who wouldn’t shell out a few hunnid bucks for that? Personally, i think it would look fetching in a playroom,  but that’s me. I leave you fine folks with a shot of my working conditions. I’m not so much a slob as I just don’t care. Maybe that’s the same thing.