possible print??

by jbyron

Here’s the digital reworking – the evolution, if you will – of the “Walk Like a Giant” painting that I posted a few weeks back.

I was never happy with the entire painting but i really liked the figure. My plan is to literally cut the canvas and have it reapplied to a frame. But in the meantime, i brought it into photoshop and started playing. The results are what you see above. I kinda like it. I haven’t made any prints of my work in quite some time but i’m considering making an incredibly limited edition of this one… but only if there’s any interest shown.

So now it’s up to you, the good people of the world wide web. Let me know your thoughts. If i get it done, it will either be a 12 X 16 or a 16 X 20 (that’s inches for all my german peeps out there) – either would have a 1 inch border. If i do this, i’ll probably have only 10 printed – signed and numbered of course. Or if you think it’s crap, tell me that too – but don’t use the word “crap,” be sensitive. Actually, scratch that, if you don’t like it, just kindly move on to the next post. I was never here. We never met.

By the way, if you let me know that you dig it – that’s as good as saying that you plan on buying multiple copies for yourself, your friends, and your family. And I know your good for it.

thanks – jbn