Amateur Scientist Road Show

by jbyron

Hey kids. My cleverist friend, Brian Thompson, creator and writer of the Amateur Scientist dot org, asked me to design a poster for his upcoming tour. I was more than happy to oblige assuming I got paid. The tour’s called “Road Show” a la The Antique Roadshow, only the audience is less lonely and there’s probably a significant decrease in pet cats. Mr. Thompson’s one request was that it have a nod to the Road Warrior. And as I’m a huge fan (owning that and Mad Max on VHS no less), the excitement poured out of me. The puddle that followed looks like this.

I also did the following version, trying to tap into the topical and satirical vibe of the site – plus I felt like the other one might be a little too comic-bookish. Oh, I also spent a great deal of time on the type treatment – it was the first thing i did and since it didn’t gel with the above design, I had to come up with some way to work it in. It has a swedish, black metal band feel right? I think it looks nice here with the floral wallpaper.

So Mr. Thompson went with the original version. Which means somewhere down the line, I’m bound to use the stencil of Lord Humungus on something. Can’t let that badboy go to waste.