The Wild Cicadas

by jbyron

Okay, been a loooong time since i’ve posted anything. apologies to my loyal readers (mom). Alas, it wasn’t exactly from a lack of things to post – although i did go through quite a creative funk – but i’m good now and will be posting several things in the very immediate future. First, a band logo.

I did this for local boys, The Wild Cicadas (what up Toby). As usual, I gave them a few options. The following are my favorite three. They went with this first one…

Solid choice.

Then there’s this one that I really like but I think it was a bit effeminate for their tastes. More butterfly than locust.


And although ultimately they went with the first one, they liked this one enough to fork up more cash. I think it’s the bug. He makes a good mascot. I can see him on a shirt or drumhead.