Ode To Koko

by jbyron

I think clowns creep most people out. Just one of those things. But for me, it originated with Koko. (That’s Betty Boop’s clown friend for those not in the know.) That guy’s creepy. I think it may have been the whole black and white thing. White makeup, black paint, black nose… creepy. Then Todd Schorr painted this image below, and the creep factor was cemented into my brain forever.

There’s Koko on the left. Crazy bastard.

So I had this idea to draw the circulatory system of Koko for quite some time. I don’t have a reason. I know, I wish i did too. But after a couple attempts at it, I just didn’t like the way it looked. The idea in my head wasn’t translating well – in other words, i’m not good enough to pull it off. However, the idea never left me so when i overcame my recent creative slump… I immediately did this.

I’m pleased. Not exactly what i had in my head originally but i think it works. Creepiness in full swing. It’s on wood – i burnished paper on the wood then used a photo transfer method for the circulatory/muscle stuff; put a thick resin on it, then used spraypaint and a stencil for the final touch. Yep.

About the above mentioned creative slump. My friend, Ali Hijazi, has a band called Origin of the Humpback – He and Kelly Jackson make great indie/folk music. So they put a few songs up on bandcamp for download, which i did… then I found myself remixing them. Nothing special. Just for my own enjoyment. Probably took me 45 minutes – but the point is, this little spark was all i needed. So kids, if you hit a creative wall that looks impenetrable – stick with it, you never know where inspiration will strike. Here’s one of the tracks I put the dust on.