by jbyron

So I painted… well it was more of an illustration than a painting. It was based on this tattoo I was commissioned to do last year that never worked out. Client wasn’t satisfied. I wasn’t satisfied. I just wasn’t able to capture the feel he wanted. It happens. (this was on the cusp of my creative dry spell that I’ve mentioned lately) But a cool little illustration came out of it. See?

It was done in in illustrator originally. I recreated with spraypaint and acrylic on wood. The end result was crap. Well, not crap but i certainly wasn’t able to capture the look when i went the organic route. Whatever. So the night i came to the realization that I didn’t like it (which only came moments after i “finished” it), I immediately started painting over it with every paint and chemical (among other things) that I have in my studio. The result was a beautiful mess of color. An abstract. But i don’t do abstract. It needed something to hold it down. Something more tangible than a concept.

A tree.

My plan was to put the tree in place and then do some sort of cathedral design at the top. I was going to do that part upside down – trust me, it was gonna look good. But after putting the tree in place, I liked it too much to risk screwing it up with my cathedral idea. Especially after I put my heavy, glass-like coating on there – which really made the colors explode.

I call it THE FIRE.

Again, forgive the photo. No exploding colors there. Taken with my phone. I really gotta stop doing that. I’m on the wrong side of 30’s and I still treat art like it’s some silly extracurricular… like scrapbooking. Maybe that’s what it is.

One cool part about it that can be translated via photo or print is the metallic powder at the bottom. I use this stuff called Pearl-Ex. It’s a metallic powder that you can add to paint. I add it to any and everything. But I like it best when it’s not blended or mixed into the paint at all – just sitting on the surface. But it’s not made to do that – a slight breeze and it would all blow off – and forget touching it without handy-wipes; but in this case, once I applied my heavy, clear, resin – it suspended the powder in the coolest way. Like a mosquito in amber.