We gotta problem here?

by jbyron

There are some of you who will understand the following piece and some of you who won’t.  Those of you who don’t, while we could hang out, get a drink, share a salad, etc., it’s unlikely that we could ever be good friends. Then there are the rest of you… enjoy, this is my blog and this is my newest painting.

It was a good day. So This badboy is 12 X 12 inches with sides 2 inches deep. It went from idea to execution in 48 hours. And as the above image has a crazy glare on it (look, you can see me, top left – like a Jesus sighting), I took a photo of it at an angle which makes the colors a little more accurate – seen here:

As usual, it will be on display at UPSTAIRS, downtown monroe, at the next gallery crawl – which is April 7. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, Compton represent, you can contact me at gutterpark@att.net