Birdhead Jones

by jbyron

I play a lot with methods of photo transfer because i’m always looking for interesting ways to get what’s on my computer to other media. I won’t go into the method I used this time, only that i should have practiced first – still… the image came out pretty cool. Although I’m convinced that i could do it better if I went through the trouble of trying again – but i think we both know that’s not going to happen. I didn’t get into art because I’m ambitious. And if you can’t tell, the suit is from a photo. I drew the head by hand with my trusty no. 2. So here it is, Birdhead Jones.

Per usual, taken with my phone. I’m just going to stop apologizing for the quality of my photos since apparently I’m not going to take the time to shoot these things with an actual camera in better light.

I saw some images a few months ago, a link from notcot I believe, of various animal heads on human bodies. I can’t remember who the artist was or really what the images even look like – i just remember liking them. So I decided to put my flavor on it. Also, I’ve been carrying this book around with me by my friend Buddy Wakefield for a long time now. It’s my go-to book when i’m out and about because i can just turn to any page and find something entertaining and provocative. And as you can see (if you clicked the link), the cover has the animal head/human body thing. So my point is, this influence has been with me for a while now – it was only a matter of time. Here’s an angled shot to remove the glare from over  his head:

When this piece was marinating in my head, I couldn’t picture it without the antique oval frame. So it was off to ebay. Took a while to find the right frame. This one is 20 inches tall I think. It has the convex (or is it concave?) glass too which gives it the vintage feel i was going for. The paper is stained with teabags, a little paint, and the dirt from my studio floor.

thanks for looking. If interested, contact me for price.