God Save The Vandals

by jbyron

New piece I observed in downtown Monroe over the weekend. Worth posting I thought. For those in the area, it’s on an abandoned billboard on 4th street, close to Desiard (by Willy’s BBQ or half a block from Washington Plaza).

There’s quite a bit of stencil art in Monroe but most are drivel. And if they aren’t, if they actually show potential, the “artist” has placed it in low-traffic areas or places where only the like-minded will observe them. I think the work should have a life outside the circle of  fellow aerosol enthusiasts, it should spark a dialogue in the head of the casual observer, the work doesn’t have to say anything to say something… right?… no?… is that just me? And don’t get me started on putting the work all over our limited public parks… stupid; not only will the work never be observed as anything more than vandalism but most writers I know wouldn’t spray over someone else’s art…  but don’t consider architecture art… more stupid. Plus, it’s a kid’s playground! See, told you not to get me started. Never give a soapbox to a criminal with a sense of entitlement. Not that I know any.