by jbyron

Hi all. It’s been well over a year since I’ve updated the “shop” at gutterpark with anything new. Nowadays, I simply show the work here on my blog and state that the work is for sale if anyone is interested… most of the time though, the post slowly gets lost in the shuffle of other posts. But whatever, point is, I’ve added a couple new items to the shop – but specifically, there’s this:

What is it you ask… solid question… it’s the cover of my new pocket-size book, filled with over 60 illustrations. I’ve been referring to it as my own island of misfit drawings as most of these designs have never been seen before (or at least not published in any respectable manner). Either they were passed over by a potential client or they were a stepping stone to a final commissioned piece that never saw the light of day… some are the digital version of their painted counterpart while others are just me in sketch mode. Here’s a few shots of the inside:

I call the book “Cry For Help” since that’s essentially what my drawings are. Page after page of good therapy material, that’s what this is.

So please, everyone head on over to the shop and buy one of these badboys for the low price of $10.00, American. Or if you’re in the area, POP SHOP on antique alley is carrying a few. I need to sell at least 50 to offset my own buyer’s remorse, so if not in the name of art or commerce, do it for peace of mind. The more you buy, the more peaceful you’ll feel. And by “you”, I mean me.

Okay, that’s my pitch. Go, support art. Here’s a couple more shots. Thanks for reading.