Mary Chain

by jbyron

Hey kids. I know i said i was going to post some new street art this week – alas i never got around to taking photos of the work. But for the moment, the pieces are still up so hopefully this weekend I’ll get around to it. In the meantime, I have  a new painting. I quickly named it Mary Chain simply so i could give this post a title but it works, i’ll probably keep it. After drawing the figure, i thought her posture looked like she was handcuffed from behind – not intentional but i’m at one with these serendipitous moments of creativity – so the “chain” part makes sense from that perspective. And the Mary thing should be fairly obvious.

It wasn’t my original intention to give this piece any religious undertones but after drawing the figure, it just seemed a little boring. So I put it into photoshop to see what i could do to it and after playing for only a few minutes, i put a halo around her and the whole thing suddenly gained substance. Wasn’t as easy to do in real life but i suppose that can be said for most everything.

I used some new tools for this. Got one of those heavy duty KRINK, metal tipped paint markers for the line work. Used some watercolors here and there too.

It’s 18 X 24, will be on display at UPSTAIRS during the next gallery crawl here in Monroe (June 2). Contact me for purchasing information. Thanks.