The Rising Tide of The Like-minded

by jbyron

Hi world. I haven’t posted anything in a while, it’s not because I haven’t been working – truthfully I’ve just felt my work of late hasn’t been all that post-worthy. I’m not sure why, it’s not that I don’t like the work… it’s just that I’ve done more abstracts lately than my normal conceptual stuff and for me, abstracts just don’t translate well via computer monitor. They’re textural and bold and other artsy words that get lost when only 6 inches wide and at only 72 pixels an inch. I’ll show one at the end of this here post and let you fine folks be the judge. But in the meantime, I’d like to showcase a couple things brewing in the north Louisiana area that i think are worthy of some attention.

First, let’s talk about yarn bombing. A lot of beautiful examples of this movement can be found here. If you read all that, then I don’t need to get into what it is – actually the name should tell you everything – anyhoo, last week I’m going to pick up the new 13 & God because I have excellent taste in music at our local record (among other things) store, Spazz Records/ Pop Shop, when I see this glorious work:

Could you love that more? Designed and executed by a team of needle-wielding, soldiers of the knit who I really hope (and encourage) have plans to do more of these type of installations (?) around the city. I might need to get into yarn. The wife worries that I inhale too much aerosol anyway. Seems a lot safer too as I can’t imagine the police getting too irate over something so beautiful and simultaneously easy to remove. I assume this new and improved column will be decorated in this manner for some time – so I push all of you locals to go check it out. Buy something while you’re there.

Okay, moving on.

Monroe, Louisiana (where i dwell) has a few street artists. A small few. And unfortunately, of those small few, even fewer are doing work that deserves attention outside their own congregation. I’ve ranted before about the waste of talent that I see peppered on our local playgrounds and drainage ditches… but every once in awhile I come across something inspired. Check this out:

If I’m not mistaken, that’s Rapheal coming out of the sewers. Love how the manhole cover looks like it’s been slid away. Now I have to admit a bit of bias here – not only am I a fan of ninjas in any capacity but I also know the artist – and no, it’s not me; said artist wishes to remain nameless, understandably. A lot of artists, myself included, take ourselves a bit too seriously – love the injection of humor here – good execution too. Here’s another one that made me smile:

A little overspray but whatcha gonna do? It happens. At least there’s not a huge drip that turns a fighting ninja into ski-jumper… don’t ask. I love that he/she kept the mohawks and skateboards black so the whole thing fits with the silhouette vibe. And I know the kids at the school will appreciate it.

Okay… back to me and those abstracts. I’ve done 3 (including this one). I neglected to take a good shot of the last one – mainly because as I said above, they don’t translate well to the medium of pixels, but also because I’m not sure abstracts are my thing. I like doing them – I like how they turn out – they tend to sell well – so all should be good right?  Thing is… there’s very little of me in them at this point. Maybe that’s a vanity thing but I want my work to reflect my take on the world and these are just a little too broad for that. Still… work like this has it’s place… and it’s early, I’m still finding my rhythm. Before all is said and done, I’m sure I’ll make these my own… but in the meantime, if anyone knows a good doctor’s office in need of a large, non-threatening painting, you know how to reach me.