The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

by jbyron

Not to be imitated. Certainly not to be duplicated. But to have work literally stolen from the walls – that’s a sincere compliment if there ever was one.

Some back-story:

The Downtown Art Alliance is working in conjunction with Sage Restaurant here in Monroe, LA. It’s a lovely partnership; we put work on the walls, a different group of people see the work everyday, a different mix than we may get at our studios/galleries – the restaurant looks good, shows they’re supporting local art, and if someone wants to buy a piece, they don’t even take a commission. Win/win.

That is until someone simply takes a piece off the wall and walks out the door. Someone that’s not the artist. Someone who feels the exchange of money for art lessens the work. Cheapens it! You can’t put a price on fine-art right? To do so puts it in the same realm as a used car or pack of cigarettes. These are all assumptions since I’m a big fan of getting paid for my work. Alas, my dear friends – seems we have a thief in our mix.

Exhibit A –

That’s right, our beloved Doughboy was stolen right off the walls from Sage Restaurant. I think this particular piece was hanging in the mens room. You read correctly.

I imagine it now stuffed in a crate in some huge warehouse amongst a thousand other crates – where the “owner” is patiently waiting for my prices to skyrocket – probably after my untimely death (dance battle).

Probably an inside job. Get me the lab!

So Mr. Doughboy thief, if you’re out there somewhere and reading this, understand that there are no hard feelings. I’m glad you like my work. I hope it feels your days with thoughts of Ice Cube and the rest of the boyz.

And to the restaurant, I’ll be by later to install tracking devices on all my work.