The Final Frontier

by jbyron

Alright, remember last time when I said that the next post would feature the 2nd and final painting of my abandoned “text” series? Well, that series won’t die it seems. I started on something entirely different, or so I thought, and wouldn’t you know it… letters, words, text… somehow found their way in. Whatever. I’m one with that. I’m also getting terribly off  topic. Let’s just skip my usual exposition and jump right into it. Houston…

There’s a lot going on in this painting. There are biblical themes, political themes, we got space exploration, we got a number of different techniques… all working for you, the viewer, in mind. It’s all about you. I live to serve. I’m humble that way. I take checks and paypal.

So… The text in the background reads “By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent.” That’s from the bible you heathens. The top part was done in 90% varnish, 9% silver, 1% love. The middle part there that reads “crooked serpent” was done in a grey with a bit of copper powder thrown in. Originally the entire passage was not to be split up. But the day i put the “Don’t tread on me” posters on there, I apparently didn’t print enough because i was missing an entire row. So this left a gap. Filled the gap by splitting up the passage. This is how i work. My plans are flexible due to my obsessive need to complete every painting as fast as possible.

I hadn’t done a 3 color stencil in quite some time but i think it came out okay – it’s actually 4 colors if you count the gold visor.

Now you’re asking, “but what does it all mean?”

To which I say, “life is full of big questions ain’t it?”

I think this badboy is 2 X 3 feet. That sounds right. As usual, it will be on display in October at UPSTAIRS in Monroe, LA. Price available upon request. Thanks for looking.

My next post will feature another painting in the ‘series that won’t die even though I’m not sure what the hell i’m doing ‘ series. It features Martin Luther King, Jr. I know, I’m not sure how it happened either. But why not? He’s an admirable guy. Way more so than some faceless astronaut. It’s these unexpected moments in art that I’m so awesome at. See, humble.