by jbyron

So… I’m not really going to be able to explain how this painting came to be. Not that I couldn’t, it’s just a complicated and rather boring explanation that I would rather not type about (particularly this morning when i’m on only 5 hours sleep). I will say that, like a lot of my work, a series of happy, semi-controlled accidents led to it. The one accident, Mr. King, was something that I felt I probably wouldn’t keep… something that I would paint over once i returned to the studio and realized that it wasn’t working. Thing is, I think it did work.

As I was saying, there is an explanation for the letters and even Mr. King, himself. But I implore you fine people just to enjoy the mystery of it. Martin is an admirable man, let us not overthink it. Or if that’s not good enough, feel free to ask me in person, I’ll tell ya.

This piece is 24 X 36 inches I think. I always say “I think.” I need to start measuring this stuff before i start blogging. Anyhoo… The left side is a combination of methods to capture that weathered look. Wood stain, acrylic paints, metallic powder, spraypaint… creative use of a sponge (not to be confused with THE sponge). The right side, the illustration, was done by scratching into wet paint to reveal the surface underneath. Had I known that I was going to draw Martin there, I probably wouldn’t have scratched the horizontal lines at the bottom, but it looks okay. Serendipity. All that. Here’s a detail:

Bit of my trademark glare on the photo.

After I returned to my studio the following day, fully thinking that I was going to paint over the whole thing or at least Martin, I found myself really liking it. The aged/weathered vibe was so right that I decided to rough up Martin a bit – which I did by dragging metal chains (which we use in our gallery to hang paintings from) all over him. I also finished out the words (again) since I had covered half with the light blue, using spraymount and dirt. It’s subtle. Looks like someone removed a sticker and the residue left behind has picked up dirt over the years. Last night I attempted to put some floral elements in the foreground – don’t ask – didn’t work anyway. So I’m done. That’s art, baby.

Thanks for reading. Price available on request.