Look Away (again)

by jbyron

Alrighty – a few weeks ago I posted a painting that I called “Look Away.” I called it that because I intended those words to make it into the final design even though they didn’t (it looked good without the words and part of the process of being a competent artist is knowing when to stop). But although I liked the painting, I still had an inner-nagging thing telling me that I had yet to complete my task. Who gave me the task is anyone’s guess. I have a lot of ideas that never materialize but I couldn’t let this one go. So without further adieu…

Gets to the point, no? Unlike many (most) of my paintings, I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted this one to look. Leaving the background untouched was a decision that I went back and forth on… the wood was just too pretty to cover up. And i think it brings an element of menace to the imagery that I wouldn’t have gotten had the crow and words rested on more paint. Here’s a detail. I think it’s a little bigger than actual size.

The piece is 24 X 24 inches. The board is nailed to a frame so that it stands apart from the wall. The grey and red are spraypaint, done with a stencil. The black was hand-drawn with one of them badboy, KRINK, steel-tipped paint markers. I did a graffiti-style piece recently using several Krink products, becoming a big fan. I’ll post that piece next week.

All the paintings mentioned will be on display at UPSTAIRS during the next gallery crawl on Oct 6. If you can’t wait, and are in the area (and in a serious need for new art), hit me up and I’ll give you a private tour. Prices available upon request. Thanks for looking.