by jbyron

I don’t know if three letters making a single word should qualify as a new entry in my text series – alas, I’m grading on a curve here. This piece was fun to do, simply because i abandoned my plan when i realized it wasn’t working and just went bananas with the paint. It quickly turned into a graffiti piece as I just toyed with it, adding layers of whatever struck me. Listening to my instincts instead of my brain has always served me well. Although, with that said, this is one of those pieces that I’ll most certainly paint over if it doesn’t sell; not because I don’t like it, I just don’t have the space to collect my own work – so if no one finds the genius within the drips and crossbones, so be it – move on to phase 2. No looking back. Here’s my ode to gangstas, POW:

So I found this picture online ( i think on the photo-blog, lumberjack special, maybe) that I thought was super cool. Am i wrong?

Right? So then I thought, “gottsta make a stencil out of that, yo.” I really talk like that. So I did:

Now that the image is buried under a bunch of other crap, I’m almost disappointed i went through the trouble of designing it and cutting it out. Almost. I’m sure it will surface again somewhere. That might have been foreshadowing, depends on how lazy I am. Or if there are any stencil artists out there who want it, shoot me an email, I’ll send you the vector file.  Here’s some detail shots of the painting:

Thanks for looking. Thanks for reading. All that gangsta shizz.