Rockin’ Catering Co.

by jbyron

I designed a logo recently for local legend, Toby Traylor; he of guitar-pickin’ fame and pie-pusher at Lea’s. This is not the first time we’ve worked together. I designed this for his band a while back. He’s also been generous with his talents in the past and provided UPSTAIRS with a bit of class via his magic fingers. Now the man is delving further into the realms of food service with his own catering company. And if Lea’s is any indication – should be yum-worthy.

His request was that the logo mix a bit of House of Blues with more than a hint of Indian style… dots not feathers ya’ll. So I did a small handful. One catered more to the House of Blues thing, one leaned on the Indian thing and I did one that was far removed from anything he asked for. A wild card if you will. Not entirely sure why I’m mentioning all these logos since I’m only showing the one he chose. The best one I think. We went Indian. Check it:

Now that i’m looking at it again, I remember his other request. He wanted a dobro in it. For all those not in the know, a dobro is a type of acoustic guitar with a metal disk on it (at least that’s what my widget dictionary says).

So the elephant – that’s Ganesha – and Indian deity that i think has something to do with success. I don’t know. I only do enough research to help me with the visual, this ain’t school. So I figured Ganesha was born to rock and I threw a little dobro love his way. Used an indian style font for “catering” to finish ‘er up. Here are a couple variations:

Alright, that’s that. I’ll post a new painting later this week that I’m sure will cause some to question my sensibilities. Until then…