Served Fresh

by jbyron

So… new painting. I don’t really have all that much to say about it; I’m not sure if it’s my mood or if maybe I feel that the painting should just speak for itself. The latter seems like a cop out. I will say that it was inspired by lyrics of the song, “By Your Side” by Cocorosie. They’re an odd twosome. Not a bad thing. Oddness, I mean. My son sometimes asks me if he’s normal. Not sure how to answer him just yet. If he’s anything like his dad…  I’m getting off point. Here’s the painting:

It’s 24 X 24 inches – on wood. Several different applications/mediums here. Spraypaint, water-color, ink, wood-stain, even paint-thinner. I designed this in the computer first – I do that a lot – and the cleanliness of the pink area looked great on the monitor. In person, cleanliness just looks boring and unfinished. So I “aged” it. Muddied it up is what I did.

There was still something missing though. Earlier in the week I convinced my mother-in-law to let me have this old school workbook (that i think belonged to my wife at some point). Took some coercing – especially after i told her my plan was to cut it all up. But I knew I had to have Jack & Jill. They were too great. Looking at them for the first time, I knew they could be used in virtually any setting but that their meaning could be altered significantly depending on that setting. Little did I know I would find the perfect place for them just a couple days later.

And as for that “meaning,” could be anyone’s guess. But I think they add a bit of levity to the painting and a needed splash of color. Did I just type “splash of color?”

After drawing the bottom, i just wasn’t feeling it. Originally, I wanted it to be more detailed but most of my pens fail me when i try to use them on these weird surfaces I create thought layer after layer of paints and chemicals. Luckily that steel-tipped KRINK pen will write on anything. Unfortunately, one can get the thinnest of lines from it (or at least I can’t). So there went my detail. But the water-colors saved it I think/hope. I like working with water-colors. Need to do more of that.

So… This is the last in my current series. Or it could be the first of my next since I’m thinking about doing something with song lyrics. I don’t know. I don’t think out this art-thing too far in advance. As usual, this monkey will be on the back of UPSTAIRS at the October Gallery Crawl which is October 6th. Speaking of this upcoming crawl, we’ll have a large presence of street-inspired work up there so if you’re in the area and a fan of that particular scene, come out.

Thanks for looking. Contact me for purchasing information.