by jbyron

Alrighty. I did the following illustration for a client. They aren’t going with it. It wasn’t on target, admittedly. Alas, thought i would show it off. I call it “specimens.”

I put it up on threadless just in case anyone gets the urge to vote,  – I’m honestly not sure it makes that good of a shirt but hey, I didn’t have anything else to do with it. Plus, threadless gets a lot of traffic. Exposure is good.

Here’s a couple detail shots:

That’s me breaking the jar with my head – see:

Photo credit goes to the wife. Look how long my jeans are. That’s not right.

I’m going to post another vector illustration tomorrow  – another failed attempt for a client. Maybe I should consider another line of work. So, thanks for all those that read this and double thanks for all those that bother to vote at threadless. Highly unlikely this will make it as a shirt but it makes me feel better when my submissions get some attention. Abandonment issues.