Butterflies and Wolves

by jbyron

Here’s another illustration without a home. This was initially sketched out for a client. But about half way in, i realized it wasn’t going to work for it’s original purpose – but i finished it anyway. It’s very indicative of my older, stencil-style work – with the black/red color scheme and the use of negative space (not to mention the butterflies).

If anyone has a use for it, let me know.

I’m involved in a group show come November so I started going through some of my digital illustrations to see if anything was worthy of getting reprinted. I came across a design I did about 4 years ago called STRAY – sort of a red riding hood thing. I had to resize it and move some things around for reasons I won’t bore you with, but I ended up using the pose from the illustration above as my new “Red.”

Worked out pretty good. I’m having it giclee printed on gallery-wrapped canvas – painting the sides gold. I think the final piece will be 15 X 30 inches. Here’s some detail shots.

Next week, I’ll post a small painting that I just completed as well as shots from the upcoming “Gallery Crawl.” Thanks for looking.