Virus Girl

by jbyron

Newish painting, based on an old painting and an even older illustration. I did the Virus Girl design for a band back in the day – that version was a little different. Then I painted it on an old door that I found; you can find that one on my gutterpark site. That version sold a few years ago and now I’ve resurrected the stencil at the request of a potential buyer for this new version. And it goes a little something like this…

The version on the door has some varnished water drops laid over the top – i like that – might do something similar on this one – better hurry though, the show is tomorrow night. Downtown Gallery Crawl tomorrow night ya’ll. Hope to see all those within driving distance there. I’ll have 8 new pieces on display, including this one. Here’s a another angle:

You can probably tell from the photos that this version is on metal, adhered to wood. 12 X 18 inches. Been signing (stenciling) my work on the back lately – my signature is distracting i think. So… pricing this one for the budget -conscious. Contact me if you’re interested. Thanks for looking.