Tug O’War Tattoo

by jbyron

Happy holidays, kids. I wanted to share this image that I was sent. Many of you out there have Flowers in the Attic tattoos. You send them to me. I love them. You can see a collection on my old site, here. And although I love to see them  (it really never gets old to me that someone would put my work on their skin), I have to admit that the initial surprise of seeing my work etched into someone’s body has passed. I think it’s because that particular design has gotten bigger than i will ever be. I’m removed from it now. Hell, most people think Banksy did it anyway… moving on. But occasionally a fan of my work will send me a photo of a tattoo featuring a lesser known image of mine. Exhibit A:

Cool right? See, I had these books printed up – you can find them here – that feature images of mine that never really saw the light of day. Some have made it into paintings but most are stepping stones on the way to commissioned pieces.  I sell these books but I also include them for free when someone buys a print or painting of mine. Which was the case when Mr. Duncan purchased the above-mentioned Flowers In The Attic print. In this book, on the centerfold actually, is the tank-tug-o-war illustration. Originally, I drew it up as part of this image:

You can see it very faintly at the very bottom. If you follow my work at all, you know I do a lot of stencil-style stuff. The tank illustration was done in this manner with the intention of putting it on the streets… never did. So until i got the idea of printing up the book (a bad idea i should add… i don’t have the money for these flights of fancy), the design was just sitting on my hard drive, dying a slow, obscure death. Actually, i think the hopscotch/bomb illustration was published in defish magazine a few years back, but since the tank if relatively hidden, I decided to feature it in the book. ANYWAY, i’m totally off track, all that to say that a few weeks after Mr. Duncan purchased a print, he sent me the tank tattoo photo. Thanks for that. Here’s a shot of the children:

Later this week, I’ll be posting a shot of my new painting as well as an explanation (complete with photos) of the process. Just in time for new years (i don’t know what that means). I also self-published my children’s book through amazon; more on that next week. THEN i must get started on this big show I’m involved in at Masur Museum. I’ll document that as well. Point is – this blog is alive and well, dust off the cobwebs, start your engines, all that. Until next time.