by jbyron

So check this out…

So there it is. I finally decided that the publishing world was simply not ready for my genius. Y’know, since they rejected my attempts at the traditional method of publication. So I did what any struggling artist with a misplaced sense of entitlement would do, I self-published. Is it a cop-out? Sure. Am I any less excited? Maybe a little. But my pride in completing a book and actually having it sold online is still very much in check.

So now I implore you fine people, the readers of my blog, the fans of my work… go… buy my book. Buy enough that I can afford this:

It’s not much really. I need a new record player. Mine skips if I even walk near it. And if my math is correct, I’ll only have to sell 200 books to get it. Sigh. Maybe some new shoes would be a more attainable goal. I really want some new oxfords with cheery colored soles. Like these:

If you don’t think those are dope, you may still like the book… point is, don’t let my sense of fashion reflect to broadly. But really, who wouldn’t look better in lime green soles? You gotta see the blue ones. I might be getting off track.

So you can get the book HERE! 

It’s about a boy who has the perfect dream. It’s so perfect, he decides to share it with his classmates during show-n-tell the next day. Unfortunately, before he has a chance to show it off, he breaks it. And wouldn’t you know it, a broken dream is nothing more than a nightmare.

That was my synopsis. Who wouldn’t want to buy that?

And here’s a couple shots of what’s inside:

Those last 2 shots are actually one spread.

The book was written with a 5 to 10 year old audience in mind. Preschool to 5th grade or thereabouts. But honestly, and without a hint of modesty, the illustrations were designed to cater to the ageless; those that like graphic novels, cheap red wine, and instrumental hip-hop (at the same time), and all those in between (particularly those who would wear blue soled oxfords).


– jbn