10 Words

by jbyron

Finally… I’ve been meaning to post this for days… time is not my friend and i fear it’s about to get much worse. And there’s not that much to say really. Just a newish painting i wanted to share.  It’s the second piece I’ve done in the last year that’s inspired by/from music lyrics; Apple Pie being the first. However, unlike the Apple Pie piece, this one is not so interpretive. It is what it is. I call it “Ten Words.” And it goes a little something like this:

This one isn’t for everybody. I mean, most of my work wouldn’t make it into your average living room, i get that… who wants an average living room anyway? Thomas Kinkade I aint.  But this piece is a little… abrasive. Which is fine, because so is the song that inspired it. I’ll get to that in a second.

My intent all along was to resin the hell out of it, really thick, then smash it. I wanted it to have cracks. Or just one big, web-looking crack, really. But you know what? You can’t smash resin. I knew it wouldn’t break like glass but i figured it would splinter out a little when i hit it with a crowbar. Alas, besides nearly busting my eardrums, the only effect from hitting this thing with all my might was a slight dent. Bout the size of a big thumb. Bigger than mine, i have girl hands. So this thumb-sized, blemish looked horrible. I had ruined my painting. So with nothing to lose, i smashed the hell out of it until it literally split in two. Then three. Finally i stopped at 5 completely separate pieces of jagged wood. Why? Well… it was either try to find a way to satisfy my creative intentions (which was to have the piece physically mirror the aggression behind the lyric) or trash it. And trust me, i’ve gone the latter route many times. But this time, i thought i could save it. And I did. For my purposes anyway.

I gathered the pieces. Used  some gorilla glue – strong stuff – you can see how it expanded through the cracks in a couple of places (wish it hadn’t done that actually) – and then I doused it with more resin. Like, a lot more.  Honestly, i didn’t think it would hold. I figured i would have to bracket it together and i really didn’t think i would go through the trouble. Art is supposed to be fun and i’m one of the few men on the planet who hates going to hardware stores. The smell of those places… reminds me of doing yardwork as a kid… i hate yardwork. Anyway, the combo of glue and resin held. I’m really not sure how well it held – i hesitate to put any pressure on it – but hey, it stayed together long enough for me to hang it on the wall. What more can you ask for?

More than any of my other pieces, this one gets long, confused stares from our beloved senior citizens. I don’t know if its the lyric or the chop job. And about the lyric…

Greatest band ever. If it says embedding disabled or something… it’s worth a trip to youtube.

Until next time. Thanks for reading.