by jbyron

P R I C E L I S T 

Making art is expensive and time consuming. I should just end my post right there and never come back.

It’s time for me to resurface though. I haven’t put paint to canvas in over a year. Been holding my breath for various reasons… necessary reasons… like not wanting to drown… but i can see the shore now and it’s full of inspiration and ideas. But the thing about inspiration – needs funding. So in my attempt to resurrect a part of myself that lost a fight to responsibility, I’m having a big sale on my work.

My goal was never to make money at this game. Hell, I wouldn’t have become an artist if it were. No, the point is to fund the next thing. And although i’m not positive what the next thing will be, i’m ready to get to it. So my loyal readers, here you will find a pricelist to all the work that i have available. Everything on this list is priced significantly lower than i asked originally. Worth is a relative and subjective thing. Again, the goal is to simply fund the next creative outlet which will hopefully fund the one after that. Some (most) of the work on this list i hate to part with at these prices, alas what i hate more is to not part with them at all. They were not created for me after all. The process, that part is for me.

So have a look. Maybe something will strike you. Maybe you’ll see something that you wanted before but couldn’t afford  – may be within reach now. Regardless, thanks for looking.