Falling Man

by jbyron

Out of hibernation. And i am hungry.

Painting again, finally. Shooting for a solo show come December. To accomplish this, i need to do at least 2 paintings a month for the remainder of the year. And that target gets tricky because i only have the resources ($) to fund about half of that goal which means i’ll have to try to sell some of the work before i even show it off to the general public. Like a private show or something. I’ve never done that. Sounds elitist, which i’m totally okay with.

Another thing, I’m attempting to change up my style a bit. A lot actually.  At least with the majority of pieces i intend to do in the coming months. This first piece however, it’s old school me. And i’m okay with that too.

Originally I had a title that was something to do with pride coming before destruction, or the fall as it were… but that felt a bit preachy. I’ve done preachy. Lets keep it simple. Here’s a detail, taken with my phone:


The stencil was simple enough. But the background was a headache. Silver first. Then that 3 step painting process where the paint cracks… you know the stuff. To my surprise, the third step is nearly instantaneous. Then the clouds at the top. That’s an actual photograph of clouds that I printed out and transferred to the canvas (wood) using that gel stuff that i think was intended for an entirely different purpose. Then i used steel wool to distress the hell out of it. I won’t go into detail about my first attempt at clouds that failed miserably. I like that cracked paint thing. Seems like a chemical reaction with unrecognized potential.

Once the front was done, i painted the sides red.  Like so:


I’m happy with it. Though admittedly i’m easily satisfied AND i think i’m pretty awesome… point is, it doesn’t take much. I need to sign this thing.

So that’s that. It will be on display, theoretically, at my solo show come December. I’m sure i’ll see you there, my faithful reader.

Next week, I’m going to post my second painting which i promise is a departure from my usual shtick; it’s yet to be seen whether that’s a good thing or not. That painting is already done; i’m hoping to post nearly every week until i have enough pieces to fill several walls. I’m overflowing with ideas at the moment, my extended hiatus left me very… i don’t know… needy, anxious, something. In my mental rolodex of future paintings, i have everything from pinnochio to ll cool j, rockabilly girls to astronauts, lumberjacks to alfred hitchcock. Stay tuned.