by jbyron

My latest.

And no, it’s not really titled “pants on fire,” … well, probably not. I have to wonder if my international-readers will even understand that. Is “liar, liar, pants on fire” a global expression? Is that something i should google? I’m getting off topic. I do that. Here it is. Bask.


I know what you’re thinking. Something like… “What?”

I get that a lot.

So, like most of my paintings, this began as a photo composite in the computer. Not sure when, how or why the idea came to me about a giant grasshopper clinging onto a little girl, but it did… the hurdle was trying to figure out the meaning behind the idea. Or at least a way to GIVE the idea meaning. So after a few days, with the image lodged in my head, and perhaps after watching some Disney movies with my boy… it dawned on me… that’s not a grasshopper, it’s a cricket, as in Jiminy. The girl wasn’t frightened, she was ashamed… and perhaps she had only been a “real” girl for a short time. You see where i’m going with all this?

Normally, if there’s a cryptic message within my paintings, i’d rather not explain them – but this one is somewhat humorous to me so I thought i would just lay it out there. Besides, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We could analyze this one all day – women are liars, your conscience is a huge weight on your back, bugs are creepy, all that.

Here’s a close shot from the side.


The background is predominantly turquoise as you can see but there are bits of blue and metallic copper in there. When i placed the stencil of the girl on there, or maybe it was the critter, i had neglected to let my paint dry (i shouldn’t use the word “neglect” – i’m just impatient – i knew what i was doing) so when i removed it, paint came off with it – this was good – gave it a distressed vibe that i liked and continued to do elsewhere on the piece. Happy semi-accidents.

Like all the pieces I’ll be posting in the coming months, this will be on display at my solo show this December at UPSTAIRS in Monroe, LA. I’m hoping to get some fine artists reps to the show… if anyone’s connected…

So that’s that. Next week, rockabilly chick drinking coffee with LL Cool J.


Thanks for reading. – j