by jbyron

So this piece… I don’t know… I was optimistic… I had plans, big plans and in the end, it didn’t quite come together. I’m actually happy with it, but happy and satisfied don’t always share the same headspace. The moment the pieces started coming together as I laid it out in the computer, I felt like I was onto something. I liked the idea of these different vibes occupying the same world, juxtaposed interests with my own taste as the only common thread. I thought that once finished, I would have an image that captured that rare thing… whatever that is… for me, a stylized glimpse of my personal creative process in the form of a sexualized, rockabilly princess, anti-misogynistic, old-school, dookie-chain hip-hop mixed with the lonely-by-choice energy of a good road trip story. See how good that should’ve come together. Yea well…

forgetoreosAgain, I don’t dislike it but it didn’t come together as well in reality as it did in my head. My 2 biggest complaints are both very subjective things, this is art after all. But the woman, she’s my first issue – she’s a little too blue and I wish i would have taken a different approach to the line work. Something about my technique with her specific look doesn’t do it for me, though I really don’t know what I would do differently. My other issue is space. As in, once i was “finished,” there was too much of it wasted. So as an afterthought, I added the pieces in white. And actually, I like how that came out. I just wish my original design hadn’t needed the balance. But what’s done is done.

forgetoreos_detail1On a positive note, I enjoyed the process of this particular piece more than just about anything I’ve ever done. Twas fun. I’m also very happy with the floral wallpaper I picked out. Went through about 50 or so patterns on ebay before landing on the one you see before you. Also, I’m aware that my issues with the painting are my own, and as the final piece is not intended for my eyes but everyone else’s, I’m hopeful that someone out there will love it, want it, and shell out ridiculous amounts of coin for it.

Here’s the always essential, side view:

forgetoreos_detail2By the way, the person who can tell me the reason behind the title (without googling it) wins my affection. Facebook me.

Next week, an experiment in color and chemical reaction that I’m very pleased with followed by my Hitchcock tribute. Thanks for reading.