Shepard Fairey, Pioneer

by jbyron

So, if you’re a fan of my work, chances are you’re family… otherwise maybe you like what the art world has coined “lowbrow” or perhaps “street art.” Assuming you are familiar with such terms, you’re probably aware they hold very little water. Artists adapt and evolve as quickly as an audience grows fickle… and nearly as fast as a critic’s tendency to categorize.

But there are the exceptions. Artists who stick to their guns. Artists whose evolution exists within the bubble of their own style. And the audience that stays mesmerized as they do so. Talent can do this of course. But also sheer volume. Never quitting. Creating a breadth of work so thick, you could wallpaper the streets with it.

Enter Shepard Fairey. The man behind Obey Propaganda.

If you’re not a fan of his style, so be it, art is subjective after all – but you have to appreciate the man’s work ethic. If you don’t know the history, do some googling. Anyway, as a fan, I had the idea to do a tribute piece in Fairey’s own style (or a layman’s facsimile)…so here ya go.



I put this up for sale on society six. Not sure the legalities of doing that. I am using the Obey® Logo after all. But I’m hoping that I fall into one of those legal loopholes since it’s a tribute piece. I don’t know. I do know that I would be thrilled to get a cease and desist letter from the Obey guys. I crave attention.

That’s it. I’ll get back to my paintings on the next post. This was just an intermission of sorts. Thanks for reading. Big up Shep.

– j