by jbyron

This piece was incredibly frustrating. In the end, it’s all good, but for about 6 minutes after the pen incident happened i thought i was going on a city-wide rampage just to cure my ails. What “pen incident?” Glad you asked. See, i was working on this piece that showed a girl wearing astronaut gear, sans helmet, feeding herself a cherry, delicately holding the stem… mostly a stencil piece, several colors… i was about 85% done with it, happy with how it was going, had started the final step of outlining the figure and drawing her features, got to the part where i simply needed to draw a single curved line – the cherry stem – when… here it comes… my paint pen just broke and flooded the canvas with black evilness. Yep. Soooooo. As opposed to breaking into tears, which i considered, I painted over most of it right then and there with zero idea of what i was going to do next. On the bright side, this technique of forcibly deconstructing a painting due to unforeseeable issues, whether my own or a technical issue, has become quite normal for me… i guess that would make it foreseeable but whatever. Whew.

So… after painting over it, i was left with some diagonal lines and textures and color combinations that i liked, made for an interesting backdrop to something… of course the question was, what was the something(?). Took some photos, put it into photoshop and started playing. I’m not entirely sure how the concept of the plane and terrorist happened – maybe it was reading about all the craziness in the world today, bombings and whatnot – matters not, it was working for me. And it goes a little something like this…


And honestly, i’m not sure the guy is even a terrorist. When i first put the figure there, it was before the plane, and it simply worked to put a guy there with his arms outstretched in such a way as to add some balance to the diagonal lines. Plus, the outstretched arms pose felt optimistic… then i went and put a mask on him and this somehow mutated optimism into self-worth. Really, i just like masks. I’m working on a painting now of a woman wearing a catwoman style mask. Point is, feel free to apply your own interpretation but don’t confuse provocative imagery for rhetoric.


I recently designed a painting to go with my LIAR piece, a complimentary piece if you will. I like the idea of having a series of paintings with a similar thread. I’m usually way to schizophrenic to pull this off. But I purposefully reused the graffiti design from the previous painting (see previous post), since it was also the product of a do-over, in an attempt to marry the two in some conceivable/presentable way.


By the way, the face profile in the middle and the “space” above it are leftovers from the original painting… all that survived. The cherry-eating astronaut may resurface again but i doubt it. Would seem like work to do it twice.

Until next week… thanks for reading – jbn.