by jbyron

I’ve liked the image of a girl in a simple black mask for a long time now. I bought a catwoman bank years ago for this reason. Well, that and she’s very curvy in a way most banks are not. Enid from Ghost Wold holds a special place in my part if only for this…

gwAnd have you seen Harmony Korine’s Springbreakers? Because i don’t think i’m alone in enjoying this image. Point is, I’ve wanted to do something with the cute-girl-in-mask imagery for some time. I like that it’s a little bit kooky, a little bit sexy, and a little bit dangerous all at the same time. You know Robin can’t take himself too seriously, no matter what a badass he may be – I like that. A sense of humor is important, even for vigilantes. Plus, it’s like a trap… the bad guys lower their guard because they’re all like, “who’s this nut think he is??” Then BLAM, WHAM, POW! – done. Robin stands victorious. Underoos and all.

I bring up Robin because he’s a minor catalyst in my newest work, which i’m calling “Girl Wonder.” And it goes a little something like this…


The birds are done using a method of acrylic transfer that i’ve been toying with lately. If i were more patient, it’s possible that i could have transferred the image without all rough edges and holes – but i like the rough edges and holes… that’s what i tell myself anyway. The fighting figures at the top were done in this method too but i didn’t like it so i removed it (which left a nice texture) and drew it by hand. Finally, i put a bit of watercolor in the eye, lips and teeth.


I like the colors in this one. Very pale and muted. I did a giant version of this design recently (’bout 5 feet tall i think) where i used Flex Seal for the mask. I can’t say enough good things about Flex Seal. Unfortunately it’s not cheap. I plan on experimenting with it, mixing it with other paints and such. Wish it came in white but i have a feeling the makers aren’t exactly marketing the stuff to artist-types. As seen on TV…

flexThis piece, along with about 15 others, will be on display at my solo show come December. Thanks for reading.