Moira Red

by jbyron

So… this may be the longest i’ve ever worked on a single project. Not that the project itself was all that time-consuming – there were just several delays, additions and unforeseeable issues that would sometimes bring everything to a halt… or at least a lengthy pause. Which is fine; check cleared and all is well… (thanks Greg), but as an artist who normally works within a certain self-imposed momentum, I found myself losing optimism. I felt like this thing was never going to live. The thing in question is a package design for a Shreveport, LA band that goes by the name, Moira Red. I believe they made some shirts and other swag with my work on it too, i’ve yet to see… but i digress. Point is, the design is alive and well… in fact, the band is having their release party this weekend i think.  Doubtful I’ll be making that, fellas – wife and kiddies need me around more than you do. I’ll be there in spirit.

The design itself is intricate in a way that i’ve never worked before, at least not for somebody else. A common thread runs between all the illustrations and (i assume) the songs; a story of which the lyricist has a much better understanding than I, still I tried to take this abstract plot and give it a visual. I won’t go into detail about the story, i would just mess it up, but it seems to be about the duality of man. It has a dark, supernatural vibe, that matches the music (which has a metal, Faith No More style vibe). Here’s the cover (sans the band logo which I removed for this post, in fact, i removed all the text as well as cropped some of the images for the purpose of this post).


I’m not terribly sure what the female figure represents. Pretty sure she’s the victim. I need to stop speculating. I did the whole thing in illustrator. The detailed and distressed background made the file quite large and laborious to work with – every time i would save it, i could go make a sandwich or something. Here’s another panel:


I like the wolf. If you follow this blog, you know i have a slight interest in Red Riding Hood lore – so I’ve done my fair share of wolf illustrations, this one came out better than i expected after first reading what the band wanted (we mostly exchanged ideas via email). I was worried that drawing an actual heart wouldn’t work in only a single color in my stencil style – but i think it came out well… effective.

And here is my favorite illustration from the design. No real reason for it being my favorite other than i enjoy illustrating faces and i think it came out well. I like the red eye and how it ties together with the wolf. This illustration is cropped and is actually much wider on the actual piece, taking 2 panels. The fold is in the middle where the color divides.


That’s it I guess. I designed a couple more panels as well as the CD face but I guess i should leave some mystery for those that buy the music.

Thanks to my cousin Whitney for the hook-up with the band, hope you guys have a great cd release and huge success (think of me in the future). I’ll be back with a new painting next week. Thanks for reading. – jbn