Fur and Feathers

by jbyron

Hi all. I wanted to share 2 recent pieces that won’t make my solo show in December. Not that they’re not good enough for the show – they just don’t have that thing – that undefinable characteristic that will hopefully tie my show together. This first one has already sold, big yay for that. It’s called Tom Savage.  It looks a little something like this:

tomsavage I can’t really explain this but when i come across these old frames, my first instinct is to design some sort of animal figure for it. This isn’t the first time, see “Birdhead Jones.” This frame was donated to me (thanks Vic), my brother-in-law cut the wood for me (thanks John), and the rest was done in photoshop and applied using acrylic transfer. I spraypainted the wood gold, just under where Mr. Savage’s head is; i figured it would make the facial area more pronounced somehow. Not sure it made a difference. Whatever. Turned out pretty good anyway.

This next piece hasn’t been shown yet. I like it but it’s all image and no concept and thats not doing it for me. Luckily, most art buyers nowadays, at least around my neck of the woods, are WAY more concerned about how a painting ties a room together versus it’s meaning. So with that in mind, i’m hoping it sells at the next gallery crawl so it can finance the rest of the show. Otherwise I’ll probably paint over it – which would be a huge drag because i have nearly $100 invested in this painting already. For those keeping score, It was originally my Hitchcock piece which never saw the light of day. It’s called A Murder of Crows, naturally.


The background is made up of silver and chrome. The chrome is at the top, dripping downward, silver everywhere else. The branches and birds are a combination of stencil and freehand. It’s very textural and very reflective – hence the loss of detail on the top right where the light is hitting. It’s rather large too, like, 4 feet wide i think.

That’s it. Thanks for reading. – jbn