by jbyron

I’ve attempted a series once or twice with little luck. The most i can seem to milk out of a single idea or theme is about 3 paintings… hardly a series. Nowadays, I choose to use the term “body of work.” It’s looser. It doesn’t imply a theme so much as it hints at a common thread. This thread could simply be the artist in question. For my upcoming show, the thread is more about technique and a certain approach and color palette. I bring this up because my latest piece was deliberately designed to accompany another painting. You can find that one here. And as complimentary pieces go, i’m really digging the set. I would probably do more if i could think of more. Time will tell. For now, I’m happy with the bookends that are Liar and Addict. Here’s how Addict started…


Of course, it started with an idea… but it’s easier to document the execution process than the incubation process (no pun intended). The top image shows the girl stencil already done in a pale blue over acid green – the bottom shows the caterpillar washed in yellow (which should have been done first but it worked out) and some of “addict.” I didn’t have the “Liar” painting handy as i was doing this one so some of the similarities were done by memory… The background could use a little more distress.

So as the Liar piece was an ode to Pinnochio – this one is Alice In Wonderland. The connection may not be completely obvious… although enough that i don’t feel the need to explain. Think mushrooms, pipes and talking, many-legged critters. And of course, our protagonist.  Here it is, finished:


I may go back and thicken the black lines a bit. She may need a little more detail in the hair too. There’s a faint hint of white along the back of the bug, my attempt to create the curvature and slickness of caterpillar skin; not sure you can see it in these photos. Here’s a close shot:


Thanks for reading. Next week, no bugs.