by jbyron

Been a bit of a gap since my last post. I’ve had a lot of freelance lately; logos and such. Once those are approved, i’ll post them so this blog will be more than just my flights of fancy, but actual commissioned work. Commissioned means money and money is the one thing that keeps me from my studio – good for paying bills, bad for my soul. A worthy tradeoff maybe. There are mouths to feed. Alas, i do have a new painting to show. And hopefully by next week, I’ll have another – that one, if successful, may be the last painting in this show i’ve been preparing for. We’ll see… in the meantime, this one is called DREGS.


You may remember this piece from a couple months back.


It shares the same concept and process. To simplify: a world of rich color (a metaphor for something i’m sure) interrupted by the mundane options or choices of reality. Hmm, i’m seeing a parallel now between this and my opening paragraph. Moving on…

The success of DREGS  – maybe “success” is the wrong word – the completion of DREGS is a bit of a surprise. I mean, that it was completed so easily. I’ve worked with the process of doing a figurative piece on top of an abstract before but normally, the abstract part is a bit hard to contain or control… happy-educated-accidents at best – but with this one, i was going to literally cut into the abstract part with the figurative part and i was certain that wasn’t going to go smoothly. Alas, it kinda did.

I used this goop designed to work as a cracking agent when combined with another goop. Only i didn’t use the second goop. Nor did i want cracks. I just used it as a liquid to flood all my colors on top of. This was sort of a spontaneous thing as i looked around my studio for things to add to the color palette. It dried slowly with a plasticine quality. Hopefully it won’t discolor over time as resins sometimes do. Actually, resin is what i would normally use for an idea like this but now i think that not using resin is why it worked. Once i lifted the stencil where the figure would eventually be, i was sure all the paint was going to flood in – it didn’t – had i used resin, being considerably heavier, it probably would have.


I work within the theme of innocence vs. angst – i always have – it wasn’t an intentional thing initially, it’s still not, but i see it in my pieces all the time. This piece has that in more of an abstract way – the innocence being the display of color on the right. It’s like when the wizard of oz changes from black and white – only with this piece, dorothy is still monotone even though her world is not. Like she’s aware its’ just a dream and her awareness won’t let her fully appreciate or cooperate within it. Sorry, got all philosophical there. Here’s a close shot of all that color followed by a side shot.

dregs_color dregs_side

Next week i’ll be sharing a piece that i’m doing on plexi glass – a first for me – it may be a fantastic disaster… stay tuned. Thanks for reading.