The Storm (The Plexi Piece)

by jbyron

I enjoy change. I really do. In just about every facet of my life, i enjoy the new. I won’t go into examples. But this perspective helps me pursue different creative challenges. “Challenges” is too strong. I don’t exactly break out of my comfort zone. I’m fully aware of my skillset and more importantly what tools are not in said set. You’ll never hear me bragging about my new sculpture for instance. The last one i made was in school and it’s horrible. My mother has it i think. She’s probably ashamed to display it. Or maybe she thinks of it as an abstract ash tray. Point is, i work better in 2 dimensions and am happy to stay there, um, in that dimension.  I have completely lost my point. Anyway, my new piece is nothing new as far as execution goes, but the creative process was very different. It was my first time working on something transparent, red plexi glass to be specific. But i didn’t want to treat the surface as just another surface. I wanted the translucency of the material and the color to have meaning within the concept. Being that the color is red, and my tendency towards bleak imagery, chances were very likely (in the concepting stage) that the red would be used as blood. I fought against that at first. And in all fairness, the image i came up with doesn’t use the red in some obvious way depicting violence or something, it’s subtle… i think… but the fact is, it’s red, it’s liquid – the brain puts the pieces together pretty quickly.

Oh, before i show this thing – taking a photo of a piece that looks best when there’s a light source from the other side, yet not really having a light source other than the ceiling lights… well… the photos left a lot to be desired… alas, feast:


I left the background in the photo (i usually crop the work flush) so you could better make out the transparent nature of the piece. I’m going to give it another coat of the grey before i call it “done” so no light shines through that area as it does a bit now.

The concept of the piece was secondary to showing off the nature of the plexiglass, or maybe the nature of the plexi dictated the concept. I don’t know. But I knew that using the red as blood was a bit lazy, creatively speaking – that’s where the balloon comes in. Plus, it plays with that innocent vs. angst thing that i’ve made my own. I initially thought the skull and crossbones was a bit of an overkill, and i still do, ironically that’s what pushed me to do it… subtlety has it’s place… you can find it in the girls expression, in the simple ripples, in her posture… but there needed to be something with teeth, the stranger who bumps you hard as he walks past you without so much as an apologetic glance.


The lights of the gallery shining through.

It’s a big piece, 4 feet tall by something.

Here’s a another shot really showing how the light effects the design.


Well kids, that may be it for the show. I have 13 pieces in all. I actually have 3 more that i may complete before December (they’re just in my head for now) but as far as filling the necessary space for a solid solo show, i have enough. Next step is to design a bit of self-promotion. Definitely going to make a mailer, maybe an e-blast, maybe a short promo-video. I’ll post that stuff as i do it. Depending on their approval, i’ll post some logos i’ve done recently – but other than that, there may be a bit of a posting reprieve. I’m hopefully about to start on a new project that i don’t want to go into detail about just yet, but once it’s further along, I’ll share. Hope you enjoyed reading about my process, seeing the pieces and the steps towards this show. If you’re in the area or even if you’re not – put it on your calendar now – first thursday in December, the 5th – Upstairs Gallery – Monroe, La. – Reception that evening.

Thanks for reading. – jbn