BJ in the Bare

by jbyron

So… 2 weeks before the show. Invitations have been sent. Eblast goes out in a few days. But as i said in the previous post, getting ready as far in advance as I have (not entirely by choice, mind you) gave me too much time to think; too much time to consider ways to make the show better – this is a bad thing considering i could/would never get to the end of this process. One of these considerations was to make a Louisiana themed piece. I rarely make the effort to show anywhere else nowadays, and although i happily acknowledge that i sell my paintings and prints all over the world, I more or less, never take the time to come out of my cave here in Monroe. So I thought, I should represent the South in some way, the other LA specifically. So after about 9 seconds of brainstorming, i had an idea. An idea partially sparked by the fact that Shepard Fairey painted a portrait of the president a few years back. I mean, that’s big. Fairey, if you don’t know, is the OBEY Propaganda guy. He’s a street artist that made it big – to simplify. Soooooo, I thought i would go down a similar path and paint a portrait of our beloved Governor, Bobby Jindal. Bobby J! BJ! The Beeej. I’ll stop. Here’s a photo:


There he is. I really hope he runs for president one day. I know zero about him as a person or politician but it would sure raise the price of the piece you’re about to see. Besides, he couldn’t possibly do any worse than the rest of them. That was my endorsement.

Now, what to do? First, i wanted to incorporate Louisiana elements into the mix. The stereotypical things – alligators, crawfish, fleurs de lis, all that. But how? Well, that part was easy. As i’m sure you all know, I keep it gangsta… Just let that sink in. So with my own personal tastes in full swing, I decided to tat-up Mr. Jindal real good. Only problem: I just had the image above to go by – not much skin there – wait, did i say that was a problem? Luckily, me and the Gov have a similar lanky build. Exhibit A:


I know everyone is excited where this is going. Yep, that’s my torso in my kitchen, and there’s my dog’s bowl. I removed my belt and slid the chinos down nice and low. Because that’s how I do.

So now we have a nice blank, palette for Louisiana themed tats. Oh, and you’ll notice i’ve reincorporated the L.A. hand sign for my own selfish agenda. IE, genius.

So from there, I took the photo into illustrator to place the tattoos and draw what would later become the officially licensed Bobby Jindal stencil. A stencil i would cut by hand, on the floor of the kitchen seen above. And it goes a little something like this:

JINDALI know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “J, I can totally see that hanging in the white house one day.” Or maybe, “J, perhaps you should run for presidency on the merit of your own artistic genius.” To which I say, “You’re too kind, but there’s no political affiliation on the ballot slip marked ‘BALLER.”

So the finished piece would be on wood. After finding the perfect shade of Jindal, i stained the wood. And i knew from the get-go, I wanted the background to look like a wall that had been tagged and re-tagged over and over. So after I hit it a few times, I employed the steady hands of the wife and boy… bask:

bj_blogSo that’s that.

Republicans everywhere, rejoice!

The show is just a little over 2 weeks away. Still a little work left to go. Some surprises here and there. Maybe a new street piece… who’s to say?

Thanks for reading – jbn.