… And Here We Are (or “BUY MY BOOK!”)

by jbyron

So… It’s been awhile.

Let’s just get to it, shall we?  – I finished the book.  A couple months ago, in fact – It took me 9 months to complete it. Apparently that’s a common gestation time. Towards the end of that 9 months, I did some research and sent out some letters to potential publishing agents. Alas, that effort bore no fruit. Out of my 4 queries, I got one rejection and box of squat from the other three. A shame because that means i have to go after publishers the ol’ fashion way – myself – something i’ve done before with my previous book – it’s tedious and time-consuming and i’m not looking forward to it. However, due to my own impatience, i decided to self-published on Amazon (again) as a way to reach those that follow my exploits (if you’re reading this, you probably fall into that category – thanks) while I attempt to find a publisher to reach the masses.

Those of you that have no idea what i’m talking about – let me take a quick moment to catch you up – super quick, I promise. Big breath and… this is a blog that features my artwork, paintings, commercial work, etc. I post new work relatively often – but about a year ago i disappeared, only popping up once to explain that the disappearance was due to the time spent working on this new book. The citizens of Earth have been trying to hide their excitement and collective anxiousness ever since. There – see, quick. I’m nothing if not a master of brevity. Moving on…

So about this book. It was designed to be relatively large, or your normal sized book that features full color illustrations – And hopefully it will see the light of day as it was intended… but for now, due to Amazon’s own limitations, i’ve scaled the book down significantly. Initially, I thought this would not be a good thing and my apprehension is one of the reasons it’s taken me 2 months to do it. I just wasn’t jazzed about the idea of a micro-version of my work, belittling my efforts – mocking me with it’s tiny pages. But then i got the proof and you know what? I liked it. The small size somehow made it more intimate and made it feel like some of the art zines i used to collect. So I approved it and here we are.

Now, as this entire post is a thinly veiled marketing ploy – this is where i take a moment to tell you what the book is about in hopes that, if the artwork alone doesn’t do it for you, maybe the story will.

It’s about a robot that finds a human soul. Not a human, mind you – just the soul. And this soul does wonders for our young, naive robot. It gives him a purpose and all is well in the world. Until he stumbles upon a sickly young girl who, as luck would have it, is missing her soul. The turn of events that follow are a little tragic. It’s about love and lies and what to do with eternity.

Up until fairly recently, i considered it a children’s book. And I still think it’s appropriate for those 9 and up. But due to the heavy themes, and a less than tidy ending, I now consider it more of a graphic novel… albeit written in rhyme. So if you enjoy art books, stories about love and loss, stories that don’t patronize,… and robots… buy my book. It’s cheap. Less than $10 usd. Here’s the LINK. And here’s an illustration from the book that I haven’t shown yet. You can see a couple more if you peruse down to my previous post.


And to those more interested in the fine art side of my creative exploits – I hope to get back in the studio soon. But let it be known, painting is expensive – buying a book could really speed up that process. Buy a dozen and i’ll come personally read it to you at bedtime.

Thanks for the support. – jbn