by jbyron

I’m a movie guy. I know a lot of  people think they’re movie people, but they’re not. It’s like those people who think they’re music people, then you ask them, “What kind of music do you like?” – and they’re all, “Oh, I like a little bit of everything.” – THEN YOU’RE NOT A MUSIC PERSON.  Sorry, what were we talking about? Yea, movies. So I like movies. I always love to talk movies with someone who is relatively versed on the topic. Someone who has a favorite director or understands the importance of a good score. Someone who understands pacing and is forgiving when the third act isn’t as good as the first 2. Someone who isn’t too basic to appreciate the indies and not to pretentious to appreciate the blockbusters. I’m so far off point…

I’m gonna start over with this paragraph. So I like movies. I did a Suicide Squad poster a while back. It’s on here if you just scroll down a little bit. That movie, unfortunately, didn’t do for me what i hoped it would. But i enjoyed creating it. Afterwards, I kept thinking i should do another – but to pick something that i love.

I toyed with the idea of doing Footloose or Drive or characters from Raising Arizona… Attack the Block was one that I considered… but nothing i thought of created that spark that actually got me off my butt to put idea to pixel. Then I watched Killing Zoe, which I love. And it got me to thinking how much I love Stoltz. I love him in a little movie he did titled Sleep With Me. And he has one of my favorite lines in Pulp fiction when he’s on the phone with Travolta and he says “prank caller, prank caller!” – Anyhoo… Man, i keep going off on these tangents… Let me bring this back around. So i first saw Stoltz when i was a wee lad in my very favorite John Hughes movie – not one he directed (that would be She’s Having a Baby), but he produced it – wrote it too i assume – Some Kind of Wonderful.

That movie meant so much to me when i was growing up. I could relate to his character SO much. And it was a relationship I was okay with. Even proud of. The weird artsy type who wasn’t quite sure where he was going yet. It was this fear of the unknown that helped shape me and I owe a lot of that to Mr. Stoltz and Mr. Hughes. I tell you, I had way more girl friends than guy friends in high school; this makes the rumor mill abuzz with speculation about one’s preferences. The kind of rumors that can crush a young person in the confines of high school – but due to to Some Kind of Wonderful, it was yet another thing I was okay with. I could feel the temporary nature of it all. But i’m not sure I would have without the soft spoken, creatively-inclined, tomboy-loving character of Keith.

Who wants to be Blaine? Ducky is where it’s at. Who wants to be the jock when clearly the criminal is way cooler. Hell, even Farmer Ted seemed way more fun than Jake.

That was way more build-up than I intended. I really hope most of you just skipped all that and went straight to the artwork.

So after all that, you were probably thinking I went and did a portrait of Stoltz as Keith – And that would be an understandable assumption – but you know what? – In today’s world where we feel the need to label normal thinking as feminist, I thought Watts made a better subject. There would be no Keith without Watts. So I know it’s way too late to make a long story short but, without further adieu – here’s Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful:


It’s the first piece of art I’ve done in a long time that wasn’t for a client or a commissioned piece of some kind. Hope you like. I just put it up on Society 6. You can find it here.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

I would end this by saying that i plan on posting more often but it would probably be a lie and i’m not sure anyone cares anyway.  That sounded way darker and apathetic than i intended. Be good.