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Amateur Scientist Road Show

Hey kids. My cleverist friend, Brian Thompson, creator and writer of the Amateur Scientist dot org, asked me to design a poster for his upcoming tour. I was more than happy to oblige assuming I got paid. The tour’s called “Road Show” a la The Antique Roadshow, only the audience is less lonely and there’s probably a significant decrease in pet cats. Mr. Thompson’s one request was that it have a nod to the Road Warrior. And as I’m a huge fan (owning that and Mad Max on VHS no less), the excitement poured out of me. The puddle that followed looks like this.

I also did the following version, trying to tap into the topical and satirical vibe of the site – plus I felt like the other one might be a little too comic-bookish. Oh, I also spent a great deal of time on the type treatment – it was the first thing i did and since it didn’t gel with the above design, I had to come up with some way to work it in. It has a swedish, black metal band feel right? I think it looks nice here with the floral wallpaper.

So Mr. Thompson went with the original version. Which means somewhere down the line, I’m bound to use the stencil of Lord Humungus on something. Can’t let that badboy go to waste.

The Wild Cicadas

Okay, been a loooong time since i’ve posted anything. apologies to my loyal readers (mom). Alas, it wasn’t exactly from a lack of things to post – although i did go through quite a creative funk – but i’m good now and will be posting several things in the very immediate future. First, a band logo.

I did this for local boys, The Wild Cicadas (what up Toby). As usual, I gave them a few options. The following are my favorite three. They went with this first one…

Solid choice.

Then there’s this one that I really like but I think it was a bit effeminate for their tastes. More butterfly than locust.


And although ultimately they went with the first one, they liked this one enough to fork up more cash. I think it’s the bug. He makes a good mascot. I can see him on a shirt or drumhead.


Open Road

I’m doing a logo for a production company called, Open Road Films. I’ve done 5 or 6 versions and variations for them so far. I’m sure i’ll post them eventually. I’m fairly certain the one shown below is not one they’re considering, so i feel okay about posting it now. Check it:

I wanted to show it because it’s yet another example of a commercial piece of mine that eventually made its way into my more fine-art focused methods and intentions. Shown below is the same illustration done on wood, using spraypaint and wood stain. It’s 12 inches by 24 inches. I gave it a very reasonable price, less than $100, if anyone’s interested. It’s currently on display at UPSTAIRS in Monroe, LA.


Here’s a flyer i did for a friend of mine, what up Vince? – thought i would share it. Back in the day, i designed flyers all the time …  just realized that i miss it. Flyers are fun for me – i get to switch up styles depending on my mood or what the band wants, plus i like working with text within an image. And they usually want it fast so no time for needless nitpicking. So any bands out there, hit me up, i’ll make time for you – i’m nice like that.


Check it out. T-shirts is one thing, but swim trunks? – that’s right! Currently i have  6 designs on – i plan on adding another one very soon. They’re not the most affordable shorts in the world – but hey, quality don’t come cheap.

So go.  Buy shorts. Summer is right around the corner. You can see all my designs at the following link. Enjoy.

Bold Native

New commercial job i wanted to share. My second movie poster (hopefully of many more). I dig doing work in this field, i see my work in sort of a narrative way already; going from moving image to stills and back is something my brain seems to process well. In semi-related news, i’ve been writing, story-boarding and editing commercials for years in my advertising life so i understand the process… although i’m not sure that understanding helps at all in doing poster design so… scratch that thought entirely. Moving on:

So the film is about animal liberators. They sent me a screener, it’s dope. I believe it will be self distributed so look for it. The company behind it is called Open Road Films. I’m doing their logo so look for that eventually too.

I ended up doing several versions but i just wanted to post my favorite 3 here. The film shows actual, documentary footage throughout the fictional narrative, usually this footage is shown on monitors within the scene – so i tried to use that concept (monitors) within the visuals i created. I also like the idea of these guys going out at night, ninja-style, rescuing these critters – so this first one worked well for me – the foreground figure and the background being the same color only separated by green in the screens had a good feel for me.

I’m going to try to use the term “ninja-style” in absolutely every one of my pieces from here on out. Until i die. Dead. Here’s another:

And lastly, i wanted to do something that had less of a literal translation – more symbolic – i work well when i have the opportunity to tap into the meaning of something rather than just trying to translate a visual. The movie has a softer side, but i thought to get people’s attention it would be more effective to delve into the terrorist side of the animal liberator perception – and this is dealt with in the movie as well.

Denis, the writer/director/producer of the film was open to any style i wanted to try but i think i got the gig because of my stencil work. There’s a guerilla vibe to street-stencils that suits the movie well. So with that in mind, and the whole terrorist thing, this molotov-pig image popped into my head one day. It’s just unsettling enough to be wildly successful. That’s the criteria for success for all you youngsters out there – unsettle people, you’ll thank me later.

So there you have it. You can find more on the film here –   – Denis, Casey, it’s been a pleasure working with you – and to still be working with you – i do eat meat on occasion, i hope that’s okay. Thanks for the opportunity. Lets do more stuff.


Designed my first movie poster recently (currently on my second – going hollywood baby). Thought i would show it off.

I only had a few stills of the actors to work from (and the script) – sadly i didn’t have a great face shot of the leading actress, anna silk, so i had to figure out a way to obscure her while keeping her sexy. It went though a couple variations and a few logo and color treatments revisions but i’m happy with the end result. Big up to Braxton who hooked me up with the creators of the film  –  i know i owe you a painting, brother.


So… tomorrow night will mark the premier opening of my gallery. I use “mine” very liberally. Technically its’ a co-op space used by all the artists that rent studios in the upstairs section of the building. I really wish i had a photo of the space before we painted the walls white – it was just unpainted concrete with bad graffiti all over it – it’s come A LONG WAY. But here’s a shot of it still in the early stages of renewal and a look at our logo. I’ll post photos in a few days of the opening. Hope to see everyone there. EVERYONE! – that was to be read like Gary Oldman.

The Blurry Line

The fine art versus commercial art / illustrator versus artist debate is something i find very interesting. I’ve designed many works of art that were considered fine-art until purchased by a band for use on their album cover, now it’s commercial art… or vice versa where i’m commissioned to design something that doesn’t go the distance and i end up putting it on canvas which radically changes it’s perception.

The following is a perfect example of this – so i thought i would share:

piano girl

piano girl

I submitted this designed for a musician who was going to use it on shirts for her tour and merch – another design made the cut but i always loved the little piano-girl (as i affectionately call her).  So i decided to share her with the world in the form of a public stencil…

piano girl street

piano girl street

so now commercial art has changed simply due to the application, not the work itself – and then we  can take it one step further…

piano girl framed

piano girl framed

I put the design on some found wood that i left virtually untouched besides varnishing it – i felt the rawness of the design needed a fairly ornate frame, gold nonetheless, to offset the “street” nature of the piece. I put it in a local gallery where it sold after a couple of weeks.

Commercial – Street – Gallery… perception will be the downfall of mankind – mark my words.

I think way too much of myself.

Franklin Opry

Some logos i designed for the Franklin Parish Opry – who knew?? – Anyway, they’ve yet to choose one (if any) – but i thought they came out okay. Hopefully one or two will make the cut.

Franklin Opry

Franklin Opry